Friday, March 15, 2013

Trouble at Kenyatta University and other news

The Daily Nation reports that

Kenyatta University students on Friday went on the rampage after unused election materials were discovered in the institution.

The students smashed windows and broke into the Business Students Service Centre where the materials had been kept.

However, the administration explained that the materials were in a room that had been used as a tallying centre by the IEBC.

The commission had hired the university facilities from February 22 to March 15 and election officials were to clear up yesterday when the rental ended.

The IEBC materials included jackets, stamps, marker pens, ballot boxes, ballot papers for presidential, governor and women representative for Nairobi  County.

Read more at "Riots at Kenyatta University"

Unless the students found actual unused ballots, this is a non-starter!

I do hope there are no riots. From what I saw, the police and military are very well trained. I am praying things do not get out of hand.

In other news, the VOA reports that Raila will be filing his election challenge on Saturday

Cord has also withdrawn a demand that Safaricom release a printout of all messages sent through the hand-held transmission devices; contracts signed with IEBC in connection with the General Election and information transmitted to the IEBC server on March 4 and 5.

Safaricom welcomed the withdrawal of the petition.

That would have been a lot of text messages . . .  


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